Hgtomi Rosa has invited 30 artists to show one drawing. The drawings may differ in size, function, age and success. They can be sketches, explanations, maps with routes on them, instructions, childhood drawings, spontaneous or substantial visual thoughts, drawings that were made to share with other people or a perfectly finished work of art. The artists respond to each other’s drawings through comments, written thoughts and interpretations. In this way the drawings are connected with each other as an expression of thought in image and word. And displayed within the physical space that …ism offers as a space for new thoughts.

Participating artists: Kaiming Lee, Lena Longefay, Timo Tiffert, Evert Jan Adams. Jip Piet, Heesub Han, Lisa Blaauwbroek, Sophie Beerens, Daniele Formica, Jeroen De Leijer, Jiu Song, Stefania Bodnya, Gregg Smith, Yana Abrasheva, Laura Snijders, Maja Klaassens, Yukari Nakamichi, Ellen Yiu, Job Bos, Angelina Nonaj, Alexander Webber, Alejandra Lopez, Jan Dirk Adams, Adele Dipasquale, Marnix van Uum, Alyona Ciobanu, Daphne Monastirioti, Joost Krijnen, Frits Dijcks, Kimberly Elliot, Topp & Dubio , Suyoung Yang, Constantijn Scholten, Bernice Nauta, Joseph Palframan