We are looking for a recently graduated artist to have a working space within our studio/project space for three months, with a focus on an event as a result. Hgtomi Rosa began as an initiative in September 2019. Since then we have been experimenting with our individual, as well as the group working practice. Our space of approximately 180sqm is located on the ground floor of the atelier complex De Besturing in the Binckhorst area of The Hague. We have been experimenting with programming a number of events in which we research into the processes of showing in relation to a wider audience. In addition to the more public events, we also maintain a level of criticality between our own members through weekly discussions/lectures and presentations of our work.

Some thoughts on being a temporary participant at Hgtomi Rosa:

You will have space to work on your own projects. You will have the opportunity to develop an idea for a public event in our space. We will be there to support you, from the conception of the idea to the organisation and practicalities of hosting the event. We would imagine you to also enjoy the social side of things. We hope that it is also an opportunity for you to share your own thoughts, ideas and experiences about art. We believe that an important part of working together is also to spend time having discussions, dinners and meeting with other artists.

Practical information:

-You will enter into a contract for a period of 3 months (we can be flexible with the exact dates on an individual basis)


-The cost of the studio rent is 175eur per month. This covers the cost of the space, as well as small fees for cleaning and / access to shared workshop facilities within De Besturing.


-A deposit of 175eur is required.


-Upon responding to this open call we will contact you with further information and arrange to meet in person.


What will you get:

-A personal studio space within the open studio/project space with 24/7 access


-Exchange with the other studio members


-Access to the workshop space in De Besturing


-Contact with Members of De Besturing


-Fully equipped kitchen


-Social table with the possibilities to arrange dinners/invite friends and colleagues


-Opportunity to participate in internal presentations/lectures


-Studio visits/discussions about your work and the work of other members


-A lovely canal-side location with the possibilities of BBQing etc


-Insight and experience in the programming process of Hgtomi Rosa


-An event/ collaboration event at Hgtomi Rosa within your time with us (Could be any form of exhibition/workshop/lecture/session)


How we will make a decision:

Because we are conscious of the fact that our group consists of subjective individuals, we want to approach the conversations and decisions that will follow with each of the applicants in a natural and personal way. We have listed some collective values, that we will be considering in these conversations:




1) A dedication to developing your artistic practice.

2) Ability to work collaboratively and to share your thoughts and ideas with others.

3) Comfortable with working in a semi open studio environment.

4) An interest and criticality for relating personal process to exhibition making.








If you are interested send an email to: before the 19th of July.